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Welcome to The Drama Pod and we hope you like the new and improved look of our website!

The Drama Pod is a team of dedicated writers and voice actors around the world who are here to entertain you with audio fiction. You can listen to our work directly from the website or you can download it and listen to it on your iPod or mp3 player when you travel to work.

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An evil looking halloween pumpkin, with a large evil fanged mouth. A yellow glow eminates from the pumpkin, casting shadows on the red tabletop. A metalic sphere in the image of the earth on a dark background, illuminated with purple from the top left and white from the bottom right. The cover for Unhinged Worlds. A headshot of a man, looking at you, with his fingers pushing his eyebrows up with his forefingers, sending hypnotic signals to your brain. The cover for The Haunted Hour. A zeplin, soaring through the majestic skies, with a subtle overlay of a mostly transparent Union Jack. The cover for Fantastical Tales of Percival Van Cleef
Halloween Stories 2011 Unhinged Worlds The Haunting Hour The Fantastical Tales of Percival Van Cleef
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A partially open door, with mists rolling through the gap. The cover for the Quantum Door A planet from space, with a background sun,  half illuminating the green atmosphere. The cover for Science Fiction Dramatic Readings An evil looking halloween pumpkin, with a large evil fanged mouth. A yellow glow eminates from the pumpkin. Cover for Halloween Campfire Stories A mans hand holding a list of things to do. This is the cover of The List.
The Quantum Door Science Fiction Readings Halloween Campfire Stories The List
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A victorian era hamlet, with railroad down the main street and power line to the right. Fog and clouds obscuring distant forest covered hills. Cover for While Whispers Wait. A persons hands adjusting a cufflink on a tuxedo. Cover for Off the Cuff. Underneath the Christmas Star, travelling across the sand dunes is a man and a woman riding a donkey. Behind them is a transparent image of a man holding a gun in their direction. This is the cover for The Last Christmas. A ticking stopwatch hovering in the sky. This is the cover for Running out of Time.
While Whispers Wait.. Off the Cuff  The Last Christmas Running out of Time 
A barren, rock strewn cave, leading into darkness. Cover for Journey to the Centre of the Earth..  A red devilish hand is grasping a red trident and is surrounded by christmas ornaments. This is the cover for Santa Claws. An elderly lady looking towards the right and beneath in creepy green letters is the title Strange Paradise.
 Journey to the Centre of the Earth Santa Claws  Strange Paradise SF Dramatic Readings Season 2
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The Drama Pod 3.0 is coming.

Hello everyone,


I thought I might alert you all to that in the next few weeks when you log on, you will find a very different looking website to the one you are used to.


It's going to be more dynamic, vibrant, designed to work well on phones, easier to use and Itunes accesible. So don't panic when you see a very different website.


Radio Mensa: The End of an Era

When I first started this website with little clue in what I was doing(and sometimes I still don't), I was contacted by a gentleman known as Ralph. It turned out he was a huge fan of radio/audio drama and had taken over a website which advertised all the great audio productions out there. He wanted to know if I would be interested in telling his audience about me.

Click Here to read the Full Story.

Victory by Del Ray Part Two

It seemed Earth was a rich, and undefended planet in a warring, hating galaxy. Things can be deceptive though; children playing can be quite rough—but that ain't war, friend!

Victory by Del Ray Part One

"It seemed Earth was a rich, and undefended planet in a warring, hating galaxy. Things can be deceptive though; children playing can be quite rough -- but that ain't war, friend"

The Crowded Earth Part 3 by Robert Bloch

The Crowded Earth Part 2 by Robert Bloch

The Crowded Earth Part 1 by Robert Bloch

Robert Bloch is one of the few SF Authors to win the Hugo award as well as the Bram Stokers Horror award. This time we have a 3 part special called The Crowded Earth. The human race's population is spiraling out of control and will face starvation and death unless they can come up with a  cure.....

The Murder Machine by The Drama Pod

The Murder Machine

Four lives lay helpless before an uncanny device by which hypnotic thought-waves are filtered through men's minds to mold them into murdering tools! Will they survive the mental assault by The Murder Machine?

Jason Cosmo in Hero Wanted Episode 1


Jason Cosmo is perfectly happy as a humble woodcutter in the village of Lower Hicksnittle-until a foppish stranger tries to kill him, claiming there is a huge price on Jason’s head. Ten million gold carats is enough to put Arden’s best–and worst–bounty hunters on his trail. It seems Jason has become the most feared man in the Eleven Kingdoms–which is news to Jason!

On the run from mercenaries, Demon Lords, and the full might of the sinister Dark Magic Society, Jason teams up with cynical wizard Mercury Boltblaster and winsome twins Sapphrina and Rubis to learn the truth.

Driven by the Laws of Narrative, Jason’s quest will take him from the bright realm of The Gods to the deadly depths of the Incredibly Dark Forest–and into a final confrontation with the forces of evil. Followed by another final confrontation. And then a sort of wrapping up loose ends scene. If he lives that long…

Jason Cosmo Hero Wanted Audio Drama is an authorised adaption of Dan McGirt's Jason Cosmo series.


Cast: Matthew J Boudreau, Domien De Groot,Paul Danger McClean, Graeme Dunlop, Winfred W Henson, Marlon Dance-Hooi and Kevin Powe

After the show if you want to know the entire story, you can pick up the E-Book for only 3 bucks! Check it out HERE

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