April Fools Day 2011 by The Drama Pod

Happy April Fools Day everyone! The Drama Pod and the Museum of Hoaxes have created a special podcast about some of the greatest practical jokes in history that have been pulled on April Fools Day! We hope you enjoy this very special podcast.

Writers: Alex Boese & Tim Heffernan

Actors: Kevin Powe, Anthony Wilson

Producer & Sound Editor: Tim Heffernan

Sound Fx: Free Sound Project

Music: Kevin Mc Cloud at Incompetech.

Loved it!

Great job!

April Fools Podcast?

Or...a hoax? Hmmmmmm.

Did I really listen? Or was I having some kind of nightmare in the daytime? Hmmmmmmmm.

One nugget I know I'll always keep in mind. Never ask Tim Hefferman for directions to the Loo.


Mike Hanson

P.S. A fun listen guys. I enjoyed it. No foolin'.


Mike Hanson