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News about The Drama Pod August 2014


What is going on with The Drama Pod?

The Drama Pod from a production point of view, may seem quiet but we have been very busy these last few months. If you are poking around on the website ( you will notice that it's a very different looking website from the one we had just a couple of months ago.

The Drama Pod website has many new abilities added that will make it unique to other podcasting websites. While we create our own audio stories we have always considered ourselves as more of a community than just one particular brand. There are many people out there who would like to become podcasters themselves and thanks to the new technologies we have implemented they will be able to use the website as if it was their own. Which is great for the listeners as content will be arriving to their computer or mobile devices much more rapidly.


If you enjoy listening, then you will love the new functionality. You will be able to not only follow a series or a production company but anyone involved with a podcast. If you wished you could follow a particular writer or actor and listen to his stories regardless of which podcaster produces it.

If you really enjoyed it, then you can subscribe to iTunes or share specific stories via Twitter, Face-Book, Pinterest or StumbleUpon.


Want to get involved in podcasting yourselves? Then you have definitely come to the right website. Whether you wish to start your own production company or just volunteer your specific skill set, we have set up the website to assist you.

Production Companies.

Those who don't have their own website.

The good news is The Drama Pod is free to use for every podcaster out there. Once you have registered you will be able to upload your stories, receive an RSS feed and apply to iTunes. You will have your own page on the website to write, blog to your audience. If you have a Face-Book page then your audience will be able to read it via the website and join your Face-Book with a click of the button.

If you already have a website.

All podcasters want a larger audience and we are more than happy to help. All you have to do is write about yourself on the website. Upload a few samples of your work for the audience to listen to and include a link to your own website. You can include your iTunes and Face-Book 'like' button for your new audience members to subscribe. We always believe in sharing.

Want to go professional?

The new website will allow podcasters as well as audio production companies to sell content if they desire. We are still working this out at the moment.

Voice Actors, Writers & Artists.

Anyone involved on the website will have their own specific page which will automatically include any of the work they have been involved in. Your family members, friends, fans and future customers can follow just your own work if they want.

Here is just a few other advantages.

  • Writers will be able to submit their work to production companies.

  • Production companies can request assistance from writers or actors.

  • Voice Actors will have all their audio work listed as well as their demo reels.

When will it be finished?

To be honest we have had enough problems getting this site up to make a novel or a motion picture(minus the car chases). How ever we are nearing completion and expect to be operational within the next two weeks.

Make sure to register and please tell your friends about us!