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At the center of the Universe, at the border of dark and light lies... a fast food restaurant. Hang a right and you should reach Eternia, home of Castle Greyskull, a mystic hub of ancient secrets. Sworn to protect her are the bold and reckless Masters of the Universe, headed by He-man, the most handsome man in the universe for three years running. Somehow, these mighty yet incompetent warriors guard Grayskull's secrets against the corporate greed of the evil Skeletor and his band of criminal associates.

Featured in the cast are:

  • Joseph Lovenguth as Battle Cat
  • Damon Sugameli as Cringer
  • Kathryn Pride as the Sorceress
  • MJ Cogburn as Teela
  • Karl Puder as Man-At-Arms
  • Ryan H. Nelson as Orko and Ram Man
  • Shane Harris as Skeletor
  • Eric Busby as Nosferatu's younger brother
  • Elie Hirschman as Beast Man and Trap Jaw
  • Captain John Tadrzak as the Intercom Announcer
  • Mark Kalita as Adam and He-Man

Written, produced and mixed by Elie Hirschman

Contains music from the original series

Special thanks to Mark Bruzee and Eric Busby.

This production is a satire and is not intended to infringe on the rights of the toy, cartoon, film or intellectual copyright of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.  All copyrights pertaining to the shows, movies, characters, merchandise, and storyline remain the uncontested property of the creators of the series. All we did was make it funnier.

In 2007, the executive producer of Darker Projects was Eric Busby.

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