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Jason Cosmo



Released 2012
Format Podcast
Added on Tuesday, 10 February 2015
Genre Comedy
Edition date 2012
Tags Fantasy Comedy Dan McGirt Kevin Powe Paul Danger McClean Jason Cosmo Domien DeGroot Matthew J Boudreau Mike Hanson Magic Graeme Dunlop Marlon Danse-Hooi
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Jason Cosmo is an ordinary turnip farmer with just one small problem. Someone has placed the largest bounty in the history of the world for his head. People speculate that anyone with that large a reward must be the most villianous man who has ever lived.

Will Jason Cosmo discover the truth while dodging all the arrows, swords and fireballs from the most dangerous people on the continent? 

Listen to the opening chapter of Dan McGirt's novel......

If you are interested in learning more of his plight please visit Dan's site:

This story of course would not be possible with out the tireless efforts of the actors involved:

Matthew Boudreau as Jason Cosmo

Mike Hanson as the Narrator

Graeme Dunlop as  Farmer Burlo

Kevin Powe as Farmer Ames

Marlon Danse Hooi as Farmer Derbo & Lombardo

Paul Danger McClean as Godfrey


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