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Mike Hanson
Genre Uncategorised
City Toronto
Country Canada


Like most legends, his began in his mind, then moved to a little 5000 watt station. 

No, wait! It was a big 50,000 watt Top 40 powerhouse, C-FUN in Vancouver, B.C.! Home of the “Good Guys”! He hung with them on and off air which led to doctors prognostisizing:"Yes, Mrs. Hanson. Your little boy has terminal wiseassery". She lived another 30 years, despite everything, bless her forgiving soul.

(He just asked:Have you checked out my demos yet?)

Anyway, it's true. He began at the top and... over time...moved...sideways...and now lives over 2000 miles east in Toronto. (He just noted: "Sadly Wiseassery is not my home, but it is my happy place".) 

Along the pot-holed way to a pretty lofty perch in the voice acting world he overcame being a news anchor, a DJ, a writer, an actor, and a suit. He's written, performed & otherwise done what he was told in 5 major radio & 1 TV spot pools that were all recent award winners in Cannes, London, New York,Toronto and everyone's mecca for great advertising, Halifax!.

Hanson's voiceover work has won over both awards judges and hardass Marketing Directors who tend to appreciate creative that actually sells something. You might say that's wise of him. (He asks again "Have you checked out my demos?

He understands management's needs (He has a suit). He digs writers and producers (He has jeans too.)

For the last two decades Hanson has performed in thousands of productions in all broadcast, video and internet media for a huge variety of clients including big name “Blue chippers” like KFC, Toyotaand Wrigley's. These gigs were booked by producers at many of the world’s brightest agencies likeBBDO, JWT and Taxi.

Wiseassery. "It's not just an attitude", says Mike. "It' it is an attitude. Have you checked out my demosyet?" Undeterred he adds "Although I've been saluted by the occasional middle finger, I respond really well to the up-thrusted thumb move."

Questions, comments and "expressive gestures" may be directed or (His Mom prefers the last one. "More dignified" we can hear her saying from on high.)

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