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Lance Hardwick Mysteries:

Her Kisses were Steamy but... Oh, Those Cthulhu Boobs! - Part 1

Lance Hardwick (Yiddisher Detective) and Dick Reardon (trusty Side-Kick - Literally) and their receptionist, Gay Schlafen (which means "Go to Sleep" in Yiddish) are asked by the mysterious G-Man (and confused human being) Agent Ace Stompers to investigate the death of a young man, Billy Blender (the son of a rich Military Defense Contractor)! Little do they know that a woman of exceptional beauty and irresistible charms is the culprit and that she is the first wave in an assault on Humanity from Cthulhu and the Dark Gods!

Written, directed and produced by Viktor Aurelius and Jeff Niles

Featured in the cast were:

David Schütz II as Billy

Laura Nicole as Betty

Jeff Niles as Lance Hardwick

Viktor Aurelius as Dick Reardon

Rachel Rumler as Gay Schlafen

Jonithan Patrick Russell as Agent Ace Stompers

Music by Kevin MacLeod ( )

Nat King Cole And Klezmerica! (

Sound Design by Viktor Aurelius

This Radio Serial is sponsored by The Megillah Soap Company and Ver Clempt Cigarettes. How else can you keep your fingertips clean after smoking?!

© The 4077th and ALL BETTER AUDIO (2014)

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