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Lance Hardwick Mysteries



Released 2014
Format Podcast
Added on Tuesday, 03 July 2018
Genre Comedy
Edition date 2014
Tags Old Times Radio Classic Comedy Science Fiction Mystery Cthulhu Horror Aliens UFO Jeff Niles Viktor Aurelius Parody 1940's
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This is a 1947 Radio Serial presented in Mono with limited FX and music. This series from the 4077th filled with lots of Sexual Innuendos and Double Entendres! Jeff plays Lance Hardwick (The Americanized version of his original name Lazer Horowitz) a sort of Paranormal Investigator/Gumshoe and Yiddisha Detective! His sidekick is Dick Reardon (played by Viktor Aurelius) is a young, stupid klutz who Lance continually abuses for his amusement but says it’s to teach the boy to someday be a GREAT Investigator like his Idol and Boss. 
Stories in this comedy series parody classic Serials from the Golden Age of Radio! Lance will soon battle Nazis, The Red Menace, Monsters, Aliens and others who are trying to destroy America! And get ready for Lance's Sponsors! Each story will have its own set of commercials from 1947 starring the cast of the show!
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"It has a Rocky Horror feel to it! Lance Hardwick is a Detective that's unlike any other!" - Jeff Niles
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