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Graves Shift: Open for Business


I never heard the shot that ended my life. I don't know if the assassin used a silencer or the old story about never hearing the one turning you into worm mulch was true. Either way I lay on my desk Tuesday night getting red all over my paperwork..........

That is the opening scene for Phillipa Graves in Graves Shift Open for Business. The story is about female detective Phillipa Graves who while dying on her desk, reminisces about her last case in the hope she can solve her own murder. This story has been written and produced  the classical detective pulp style. She would be quite at home with all the tough guys and dangerous dames of her genre. Ann Guy who is playing Phillipa Graves relishes the opportunity to rattle off some really great lines.

“ He's a knob and a shyster, He's a weasel nosed, slack jawed, penny pinching, slap dashed, pencil pushing Harvard wuss!" If you like the old detective novels then this story is definitely for you.